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11,689 hectares of land being used for farming

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Almost 90% of the land declared by farmers of our country during the year 2013 was used for farming, meaning that 11,689 hectares of land are being farmed

In a statement sent by the National Statistics Office said that the agricultural land accounted for is 76.7% of the utilized agricultural land, while permanent crops and kitchen gardens constituted the 10.8% and 12.5% to the remaining respectively.

According to the statement, 1,264 hectare of utilized agricultural land consisted of trees. 54% of these were vines, 30.5% were trees or other fruit - mostly peaches, 7.1% are citrus trees and 8.2% were olive trees.

On 1 September 2013 the population of farm animals was as follows: 14,949 cows and bulls, of which 6,239 were dairy cows; 51,641 pigs; 9,916 sheep; 4,032 Goat; and 900,000 chickens, of which 67.2% had chickens for slaughter and 32.4% were hens.

People working in agriculture last year amounted to 19,066. Of these, only 1,372 were full-timers.

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